No varying weather in game?

I’ve noticed that my airports don’t ever have any type of weather that changes throughout the game :confused: I remember early at the start of my game having rain and fog occasionally happen, now it’s just eternal clear days with no variance in conditions at all.

So I went ahead and started a new airport and to my surprise it had rain and fog! However, now after playing a few years in game on that save the same issue is happening. Nothing but clear days.

where your airport is has an effect on how much rain or snow there is, you can check it by clicking the location and it shows you a bunch of stats, in there is rainfall and snowfall. see if your area your airport is in has rare rain

The weather stats for both the saves I mentioned had “frequent” snow and “some” rain. I’ve never even seen it snow as of yet.

Where is your airport?

First save was in Indianapolis IN, my most recent save was in Charlotte NC.

then im not sure, cause they both have good amounts of weather

Can you drop a screenshot of where this airport is located?

Sure, I’ve included airports from both my saves that seem to be having a lack of weather.

That’s odd because I’ve done Indy multiple times and weather has worked well all the time.

Very strange indeed! Did some tests here and could not reproduce it. If you start a new airport in the same area, is the weather similarly deadlocked? How old is this airport?

My first save that was deadlocked was in Indianapolis, and I think I started that roughly a year ago. I recently started playing the game again and noticed how the weather wasn’t changing on that save so that’s why I started my second game in Charlotte just a few weeks ago. At first it had a couple rainy days at the very beginning, then it went back into the deadlocked state.

So I’ve had a look again and it is not unusual that you can have a week of similar weather that then transitions into something else, I would say that if you get something like 14 days of similar weather then something is strange but looking at your screenshot there and comparing the generation algorithm it looks accurate in my opinion.

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