No Restaurant Contracts offered [SOLVED]

Hey everyone,

i got a small problem on my latest airport. I build Restaurant areas, but get no contracts. Shops are working fine and every time i create a new one, contracts are offered emmediately.
On my other airports, restaurant areas are working also.
Have hint?

Quick add: Game restart, doesn´t help, All researches done.

The room in the screenshot, isn’t that a shop? Are you sure you are selecting the correct room type when your building?

Yep, that’s a shop.

You need to place things in the room.

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Hi Guys,

in the blue Areas i dont get contracts, but in the purple ones i get some.
But both Areas are named as “Shop Area”, “Ladenbereich” in German.

Here the other one

Just put some restaurant things in there. It will work

Nope Icegoalie, you dont have to.Before you sign a contract, you get shoen the requirements for the contractor.
I reinstalled, works! Thats for your help guys. Have a nice weekend :grinning: