No passergers board any flights!

Guys, I have a problem! All my flights land and every one gets off but when it comes for it to depart no one goes to check in or through security the plane then says boarding complete and everyone leaves the airport. The plane then departs totally empty

Does airport staff pass through security?

Yeah :+1:

Build a staff resting room. If it also doesn2t work send me the save file so I can check

I have a staff room bottom right

Can you try to build another one in secure zone?

If it doesn’t work then I have no clue. Send me save file.

Its just strange none of them check in

Then send me save file pls. Now I become curious :smiley:

How do I do that?:+1::joy::man_facepalming:

Come to AirportCEO official discord and find me. Then you can send save file.

It says unsupported file types?:man_shrugging:

Yeah you cannot send any files including .zip via forum. But we hope soon it will be fixed by @Olof :wink:

Here: Official Airport CEO | Discord Me

is your airport actually open?

Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

Just checking the obvious that you have airport staff to manage the check-in and boarding process?

What Daniel said; I think you have to hire Airport staff, see the Operation panel, sub panel STAFF and check requested tasks vs available staff.

He has airport staff. I count 6 at the bottom room. I was waiting his save file but he didn’t return to me. I am sure there is something we cannot see but without playing airport it is hard to say.

Ah yeah I noticed that on second looking…!

Seeing that everyone is waiting outside, i assume his Airport is still closed.
Otherwise they would have gone inside and atleast take a pee or poo in the toilets

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Then there wouldn’t be arrivals. He said that arrivals don’t have problem