No Passengers Departing or Checking In

This airport has been working fine. Suddenly, there are no passengers checking in. Normally, the benches outside the gates are full. Not now. I’ve tried saving and reloading.
Here’s a link to the savegame file, if you’re interested (20 MB) 11000 arrival passengers. Takes a long time to load.:

Do the aircraft still arrive?

Yes, aircraft arrive and passengers and baggage is unloaded.

WOW, that’s quite an amazing build. I wasn’t getting any PAX there either.

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@Rubble, thanks for verifying that for me. Glad to know it’s not just my game.

Lol, the game just loaded 4.000MB to start up your game.

  • Lol, 11k PAX. I think I know why no-one is checking in, you have a path-finder queue of 10k. (ok, maybe that was due the game still booting up… but still, you have a HUGE pathfinder queue anyhow.) @Olof are presafed pathfinder paths not saved with the savegame in question? I see a 0% cached paths in his game.

  • And you need way more bus-stops, each bus stop has a HUGE queuing number.

  • Just build a lot of new bus stops, closed one with a HUGE queue, which crashed the game almost, lol. (still 6k pax in pathfinder queue, will see if I can get it down and then upload the game again.) Closed 4 bus stops so far, path finder up to 8k queue again.

  • So, what I notice now I have more bus-stops, the number of people on the airport increases! so, people who had to depart, simple were not on the airport to check in to start with.

  • You really need bigger toilets at your airport, guess you never before closed a bus-stop, did you?


  • current bus queues; added another 16 bus stops after this printscreen, lets get them all out. The newest 16 bus stops all have a queue of 100+ instantly :smiley:

  • We really need a button to “summon” an extra bus and whats up with the small busses btw? Give us decent size busses. Like this;

Game could do with another way of getting passengers in, maybe a train station?

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Something fishy for @Olof - at his save I have deleted the original 5 busstops; Look at this and the pathfinder queue, something is going on here (did not yet save / reload game, waiting until bus queues are depopulating the airport.

There is also baggage laying around all over; What task / person is getting rid of such baggage?

Taking out 11k people takes long; build some busstops extra now, haha :smiley:

2hrs later, still getting people home, 5k pax left @ the airport.

Wow, your airport has Huge staff shortages too;


Looking @ your check in desks, you had some staff hanging around / stuck. I closed the desks that happened at and they started moving again.

Just did my first reload - 1100 pax left to get out. Dubble speed possible again after reload. Jeay! - still no-one removing left baggage, very weird.

Lets boot it up again, all old PAX gone.

Do you have a staff room that I dont see?

And why do all checkin desks stand on 1 employee?

Re-opened the airport - its bizarre how much people deplane from so many medium stands, I even had to build extra bus stops just to get all these people off airport.

Disconnected all check-in desks from cargo carousels after reopening, and now get this; something is definitely off here.


If there was only a way to cancel all flights in flight planner, it is so annoying to wait a week to get all traffic off the planner to get your airport in a neutral state.

Secondary, if there is no runway available to land, the “send away” setting should be honored, now they will just go in “holding” or something, while you dont want planes arriving on your airport in this instance, else I would have opened the runway.

Also, when your airliner allows say 25 flights, and 40 are planned, the contractee or autosceduler should start cancelling flights of that airliner.

Running the game for a while now, 1 in med. runway, 3 out, 60 busstops, 12k people on busstops. Intervals are out of balance all the way.

Also; flight in pattern still land on a closed runway, why?

Without any decent options to scale down airports (as seen above), I have cancelled lots of stuff, waited for busses to get all people out, but get frustrated atm since it takes ages and ages to scale down an airport. Maybe I will take a look later, hope the devs can take a good look at it too.

  • There were no staff shortages when I was running it. Odd.
  • There are three Staff rooms; on each on concourse B, C, D
  • Concerning Check-ins with only one employee; it doesn’t matter if there is one or two. Both sides of the Desk will process passengers. Saves Staff count
  • Toilets weren’t that crowded when I was playing.
  • Concerning the orphaned baggage. I suspect they were left after the Rapture. Or, more precisely, when I eliminated passengers[] from PersonData.json. It’s amazing how fast the game moves where there are no passengers.

Finally, that is an insane number of Bus Stops. Good thing there’s over $32 million in the bank to pay for them all. LOL Oh, and those Bus Stops on the west side. They are right where I’m placing another dozen Medium Stands.

That you know, I build more busstops even after last comment. I just loaded up the game (again), to let it run in the background (again). There is a few problems;

  • There are no validation tools in game
  • You can not set intervals for busses, so are limited to spawn rate, and that is to low, and there is no other way of mass transit
  • You cannot downscale flights other than cancel them one by one in the flight planner, you can stop all services, get all master contracts to 0% but flights still will come in and you still make the money for 3 star flights and they dont withdraw any of the flights.
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Had the game running for 9 hours in the background with the runway closed (so no new PAX incoming), just came back to pc. Pausing it to before saving immediately hangs the game, hanging for a while now.

Is this problem solved yet? Because I’m having the same problem. I have update the game to beta 5, but it seem that no passengers checking in or going through security for depart from the airport. My departure terminal it’s always empty but the arrival passenger is normal. Is it a bug?

Well, its a bit old (February of 2018)…

I think I have solved my own problem. There is no passenger check in because there’s not enough transit system like bus/taxi stop or subway to the airport. Bus & taxi stop will congested, so the best transit structure will be subway. In my problem I only have 1 subway, so I build some more and I see the passenger coming again. Although it’s not realistic to have 3 subways at the airport.

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Think of it as three entrances to the same subway station. There are many subway stations in the world that have multiple entrances.