No passengers come into airport

Hi I have reached a point where I don’t have any passengers coming into the airport
I had a bunch of bus stops and car and taxi but didn’t seem to be getting any passengers so I have now changed this to a bunch of car parks and a couple of subway stations.



I can’t see any bus stops, taxi stops or car drops. Do you have them? Also what happens when you save and reload your game?

Are there any passengers outside the terminal? Or any cars moving around that are public

Edited above I removed bus stops, car and taxi as non of them seemed to be working.

Same issue after reload

There seems to be passengers around

Seems like a stupid question but, is the airport open?

Yes it is planes come and go

One subway is nowhere near enough for that amount of flights. Six if not more I would suggest.

Edited above I removed bus stops, car and taxi as non of them seemed to be working.

Place them back. Make sure they are functional and then save and reload your game.

This has never really solved. I now have no passengers going into the security at all. I have people coming and going via bus, car.

Can you jump over to Alpha 35 on the experimental branch and see if it’s improved somewhat?

Hello Olof! I have the same issue except I’m not getting any vehicles except for service deliveries to the airport. I have a subway but no passengers arrive via it, they only depart. I’ve toggled my vehicle stops and restarted the game to no avail. I’m currently on experimental.

Is your airport open @Dzlockhead?

Airport is open, for some reason planes will land and takeoff normally, they deboard passengers, but leave just fine without any (Delays are set to always prompt and do prompt as normal) @Scottie

This bug has eluded me for some time. I’m sure even more so for the devs

When I load up some airports everything is working fine apart from planes are not taking off even though I have got it on automatic for the planes not to be delayed taking off. Also as well as this no passengers are arriving at the airport to take there flights. Thanks

I think we should lock this thread now, it’s been going for quite some time with a whole bunch of different issues that are not related to each other and very difficult to follow.

I advise you create a new topic @djpiplee and include a few screenshots of your airport and we’ll then take it from there.

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