No income from cabin cleaning

I have an airport with aircraft cabin cleaning service enabled, an operational waste depot and two aircraft cabin cleaning trucks. The trucks go to a stand when required and take trash bags from the aircraft which they eventually deposit at the waste depot. My problem is that I am apparently not receiving any income from this activity. I have saved and reloaded but to no avail. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

These services seem to raise your stars for service (I am playing default so I do not have them yet). Flights with 4 stars are worth more than 2 stars or less. You wont get a kind of handling fee but an overall raise to the money you get from flights. It is part of the CA stand parking fees. They are not paid per hour but per services needed.

As far as I remember, 1-star flights have no real requirements besides an ATC tower and are worth around 1.500$-2000$

For 2 stars you need asphalt or concrete stands and fuel service and those net in 2.000-2.800$

For 3 stars you need baggage handling enabled and those are worth about 3.000 to 4.000$

For more you might need the extra services like catering or cleaning and those will raise the price of a flight even more.

Things like baggage handling or fuel generate fees you get when item is handled or sold on top of landing/departing fees for runway usage. When a flight leaves the stand with turnaround complete, you gain the money written under the flight in the flight planner as ‘parking fee’.


1 GA plane lands. You get 400$ as runway usage fee. For each hour it parks at your airport, you will get 100$ in 25$ increments each quarter of an hour. Departing again nets 400$ runway usage fee for a small plane. In case you have a fuel tanker service the plane you get extra money depending on the price you set (if you have a CFO) or 2$ per liter for AVGas100LL. That money is on top of everything else.

Example 2:
1 medium CA flight lands with 50 passengers aboard and 45 boarding ones.
For the landing you get what was it: 800$ as rwy fee. The parking fee depends on the services offered. Let us assume, you have a 2-star flight as you have fuel enabled and concrete stands. Flight planner says, the flight is worth 2.700$ upon complete turnaround.
Each passenger deboarding pays his passenger handling fee of 15$ so 50x15$=750$ on top. Each PAX boarding the plane pays 15$ fee as well, so 40x15$=600$ on top.
Flight gets fuel so mostly 0.9$ per liter JetFuel A1…this is mostly about 800$ per tanker visit.
Departing uses the runway again, so another 800$.

800$ landing fee
750$ PAX handling (arrivals)
2.700$ parking fee for 2-star service
600$ PAX handling (departures)
800$ runway fee (departure)

5.650$ total

If you had enabled baggage handling, you would have gained 3-star flights worth more parking fee (about 3.500-4.200$) and additionally would get a baggage handling fee of 8$ per bag they have loaded or unloaded on the plane. Adding even more services like catering might unlock 4-star flights or 5-star flights worth more even.

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You just need to go to the Finance tab and set the price for cabin cleaning. Mine was defaulting to zero as well.

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Thanks zebedee; I had already set the price for cabin cleaning but I have discovered, like you, that it keeps resetting itself to zero. I will monitor it and report it as a bug when I get more info.

Ahhh I’ve never noticed it reset to zero though afterwards :smiley: Oops!

The reset to zero should be fixed on the experimental branch.

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