No DevLog 101 this week but here's a quick update


There was, as you might have noticed, no devlog posted for this week because we simply don’t want to allocate time for it. The last one took several hours to write and while that’s fine its also “lost” time when it comes to actually developing the game and with the last one being so content filled there really isn’t a need for 101 this week (at least we think so).

However, we thought we’d just quickly share a few notes on what we’re doing right now. Alpha 25 is getting updated on the experimental branch continuously and we’re currently devoting 50 percent of our development resources to bug fixing and 50 percent to the improved performance sprint. It’s been mentioned before but I’ll say it again, our current goal is to stabilize the default branch to the point where there are no more large scale game breaking bugs (and by large scale we mean bugs that are frequently reported and by game breaking we mean no way of getting past or avoiding them). Once the default branch is “stable enough” we will go ahead with a large path finding system overhaul on the production world (i.e. the world in which the game runs) where we will slowly begin implementing and testing the new path finding solution. We’ve been developing it for quite a while now, in an experimental setting, and while initial tests show promising numbers we now need to refine and apply it to our production environments to assess its real world impact so to say, so there’s still quite a lot to do. We will provide you with a more in-depth technical devlog once we’ve gotten a bit further and are more confident in its actual results. This is the ticket for this issue: Log in with Atlassian account

When it comes to bug fixing we’re this week mainly focusing on stuff that gets stuck. We’re overhauling the agent’s exception handling as the saves you’ve sent us has enabled us to find a few areas where the current system is lacking. This revolves around all agents that follow non-linear event paths, i.e. everything except aircraft. This is the ticket for that issue: Log in with Atlassian account. Speaking of bug fixes, we’ve seen a few comments questioning why we’d devote time to smaller issues such as shadow alignment when there are other things we need to focus on. The short answer is that we take care of smaller bugs whenever we need a break from something bigger we’re working on, it’s easy to get stuck on something that’s a sub-problem of a problem and it usually helps to divert your mind to something else for a while, a quick fix or some polish, than hammering away at whatever you can’t solve. It’s also definitely a way better use of your time, from a larger perspective.

Lastly, we’ve also started prototyping the overhauled UI, on a conceptual level, but are holding off on this a bit as we don’t want too juggle too many larger projects at the same time, at least not from an implementation perspective. Meanwhile we’re doing that, @Jettuh has also been busy refining the few remaining untouched assets and am also busy creating new stuff (product related). Here’s a conceptual image from what we’ve been collaborating on this week:

Edit: Updated image as Jettuh suggested… :stuck_out_tongue:

All right, time to stop writing and get back to it but now you know! :slight_smile:


current version


These bags look very nice!

Maybe in future you could also update the colors of the bags. In my opinion the bags are too colorful at the moment - in real life there are much more dark blue, black and silver/grey bags than others.


cross conveyor belts please


Great update. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

Allow me to “me too” josuelayer’s comment: cross-over conveyor belts, including underground-cross-overground, underground-cross-underground, overground-cross-overground.

Please add an underground Tilt Tray to that list. One that does not show unless the Toggle Conveyor Belt button is pushed.


And knowing is half the battle!
G.I. JOE!!!

In addition to that, I’ve seen boxes checked as a poor man’s suitcase as well :slight_smile:

Keep it up devs! Once things get better, I’ll be back to play! Still following.

Nice. Will you be working on oversized baggage as well, seeing the remade assets?

No, unfortunately oversized baggage is not planned (by me) at the moment.
The reason being that I think that would require a different way of handling that kind of baggage?
Or would you say those should just go through the normal system?

(remember seeing a KLM video where they explained that odd size baggage goes through a separate flow.

It does have a separate flow, so it would require code changes to handle this. This does not seem he right time for it :slight_smile:

Jettuh are these already existing bags in game or are there new ones? Maybe adding a Duffel Bag would look cool :wink:

these are a recreating of what is ingame + some new ones.
I’m sure I’ll get around to adding more kinds of bags like the duffel bag you’re referring too!

At the moment I’m focused on adding products for shops :wink:


Would you care to have these products as well? :smiley:

  • Cold Drinks (A bottle)

  • Books (A book)

  • Newspapers (A newspaper / magazine)

  • Apparel (A pair of pants or a shirt)

  • Jewellery (A ring / necklace or ear rings)

  • Electronics (A tablet)

  • Souvenirs (An aircraft model)

  • Personal care (A toothbrush, deodorant, etc)

  • Cosmetics (Lipstick, etc)

  • Tobaco (A box of cigars)

  • Hot Drinks (Glass / cup)

  • Fastfood (Hamburger / fries)

  • Healthy food (Fruit / salad)

  • Western food (Dish with meat)

  • Italian food (Dish with pasta)

  • Eastern food (Dish with noodles)

  • Sea food (Dish with fish)

  • Sandwich (Dish with sandwich)

  • Cake (donuts / cake)

  • Ice cream

Just some random products that may or may not be meant for ACEOMM :smiley:

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So from what I understand those should already be possible.
I’m sure Olof or Fredrik can explain a bit more on how the shop system works.

But like the newspaper ingame right now, nothing will stop modding from changing that sprite into a laptop

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Ow i know about modding, but my graphical skills are lousy.
I picked some images from the web and… well… some are too big i.e. so you can have a store with pants that just about cover the whole terminal…

If you take a look at our modding spreadsheet you will see we have a lot of products. We are culling / merging those into the list you just saw.


Haha, sorry I’m following the list i’ve already received, thats already a lot of work.
I’m sure there is enough overlap, but not all of them :wink:

oh btw, my products are for shops, i see your list includes food, I’m not working on food sprites at the moment (or not even aware of those are planned too?)

which shop products are you making?

tbh, come to think of it. Is there even a display in a restaurant? :smiley:

Although it would be nice if people sat down with the item in front of them