No compatible commercial stand found

I seem to be missing something. I keep getting a Warning: No compatible commercial stand found. Make sure all commercial stands have security checkpoint connection.

What am i doing wrong or can i get some sort of guidance on how to resolve this

Maybe a tiny little bit of door is not secure? I would check paths first. You probably have built a stand next to walls and switched to commercial in which case the wall is punched, a crosswalk appears, but the hole is not secure. Or a way leading there is not secure yet or interrupted by non-secure areas.

First, make sure the whole area behind security checkpoints is secure, including doorways as DocDesatero said.

Also make sure that there is no way to go around security checkpoints (if there’s a gap between checkpoints, build a wall there).

can take screen shots of the 2 floors so u see whether i hv done some thing wrong

You have no door on the closed stands. I also recommend upgrading them with jetbridges and building your boarding desks on first floor.

Could you please share a picture with the secure zones on.
If you click on an open stand, do you see a line that links to a security station? (a picture of a selected stand would also help).
It also doesn’t look really logical that you have boarding desks on the 1st floor and the ground floor. If you do not have jet bridges the boarding desks must be at ground floor (level 0), if you have jet bridges the boarding desks must be at level 1.

looks like i don not hv a line that links the security station. what do i need to do?

Can you please enable zones (press the ‘Z’ key) and then make a screenshot? If possible can you make the screenshot so we can see the floor you are on?

What happens when you finalle have staff at your checkpoint?

You need to secure zone all the floor past the security

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