No checkin desks available

this might not be a bug, but really worth looking into, I have like 20 checkin desks, and I get notification warnings for flights not having checkin desk available, which is not correct, since I check and some don’t even have any flights assigned, and all checkin desks have ability to have next one or two flights assigned while plane still in air, so that should count as checking available…

PLS look into this


Can you show your flight planner (G key)? Maybe we can see the issue there.
And are you working with terminal zones?

I guess you have an issue with the transit capacity. Passengers arrive too late at the airport → check in gets delayed → security gets delayed → flight gets delayed

there you go and you can also see other issue I have added here, with 0 pax through checkin and security zone, they never go through…

you can see the number of pax through checkin desk and flight still shows no checkin desks available

How many check in desks do you have and is any one of them free?

For check in desks there is a 75pax per desk rule. If a plane has 76pax, it opens 2 check in desks for example.

Hey, I have got another question to the “check in desk”-topic:
Is there a rule for small desks, too?
Because I do have many small check in desk (about 3 per stand), but even the C2C flights with 30 PAX per flight do only use one per flight. So the queue is very long, while 2/3 of my desks is not in use.

Do I have any chance to achieve a better splitting between the desks?

when picture taken I had 24 desks and paused game and checked 5 were free with no flights assigned, but the picture shows a bug if you can see, that flight with problem already had pax through checkin desks passed you can see on that screen

Same here, 75pax per desk. If a flight has 30pax, only one desk gets opened, no matter how many are free.

If you start to use automated baggage drops, it gets a bit more complicated.

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So the 75 PAX rule is applied for both the Medium (with two service agents) and for the Small Desks (with one service agent)? Does this make any sense? I mean with two agents they check in twice as fast, so the number should be way lower for small desk, innit?

It would be very interesting to see more of your airport. May add some screenshots including zone overlays etc. Or share your entire savegame so we can test it by ourself. :slight_smile:

Regarding this note, yes thats weird. If you still have it or when it comes again, send a bug report about that.

I agree. I made a while ago a little suggestion. For the small desks, 30 to 35pax as limit would make much more sense.

But at the end, small desks should only be used for small stands. For bigger ones, medium makes much more sense.

75pax for a (medium)desk should actually not cause any flight delay. If yes, the problem is at the transit, the security or because there are not enough free desks available.

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Connections are also reliant on their respective connection to the correct baggage bay, so are you sure that those free check-in desks have a connection to the baggage bay’s connected stand which is where the flight will arrive?

Hey Olof. I have no baggage system operating (also baggage handling turned off), and no baggage bays at all.

(Small check in desks can´t tranfer baggage, do they? I mean is there any sence to operate small desks with baggage enabled?)

I also have the same kind of problem, I have an airport with 200 checkin desks, if every stand has aircraft arriving at the same time, there would still be 6-7 checkin desks available to each stand. I run a baggage system but all connections between baggage bays and checkin desks are equally divided so there are always free checkin desks with the correct baggage bay for a given flight. i still get errors saying i dont have available checking desks.

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