No baggage area option

I’m note sure if i’m missing it but i don’t see any baggage options at all in my version (0.22.2 alpha)

Hey deedr, welcome to the forums.

Have you procured them?
Baggage is someting you need to unlock. If you follow the tutorial it will help you do that :slight_smile:

ah i am following tutorial, no mention on my tutorial of baggage setup, i’m on final step of regional and stuck

all of stands say not valid, assume b/c of no baggage

I think something different is wrong. Baggage is not requiree :slight_smile:
Csn you explain what the problem is? Adding screenshots if possible

yes let me reproduce, have to redo b/c exited the game without saving…doh…

The baggage tutorial is not until the international airport/last tutorial step, so you won’t have it yet. It isn’t at all essential at the moment, so I wouldn’t worry yourself too much about it.

Hes worried because something is wrong with his stands :slight_smile: he assumed baggage, but lets see what the actual problem is

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Can you make a printscreen for us?

The fact we havent heard from him might well be because the second time around he got it working :slight_smile:

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