No available check-in desks due to no available time slot message


just wondering has anyone gotten this message thats says no available check-in desks due to no availble time slots when turn on the baggage handling system? But when i turn the baggage handling system off, it doesn’t show the message anymore. anyone could help?


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Yes, the check-in will still slot though.
Olof already mentioned he will investigate in Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 released - #49 by Rubble

is it a bug? because i received those message after the recent update, nothing showed up in the previous version…

it’s not a bug I’m afraid. Its been doing my head in as well trying to find space to build additional checkin desks when I recently had enough they would stack flights when they are staggered on the planner.

it’s part of a new alert system. Trello

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i have about 10 check-in desks XD so i need to build more desks to avoid this?

Depends on if you care about the alerts, if your passengers are getting checked in anyway, is it worth it?

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If you follow the letter of the requirements you need two for each medium stand and one for each small stand. I found if I had about 80% of the requirements I had enough to cover everything. Since this has been strictly enforced I’ve been getting that message too.

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alright cool! thanks guys you guys respond so fast XD amazing!

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2 per medium stand, 1 per small stand is what I build with.

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Yep, I keep getting these check-in desk notifications and I’m trying to rack my brains to think of how to get more check-in desks… I think it depends on which baggage bay you link the stand to as well