No admins at work

so i hired about like 3 admins, and I want them working on the project group! Then I noticed, my admins are just not present at work… Therefore my progress in project one wont go up!! do i really need an hr director? if so i cant find em either… Help Me Plzzz thx

I have an update, All my employees, not just the admins. All of them arent at the airport, the game says that they are on their way but never arrive… Help Me! thx

Can you attach a screenshot … You have doors into your terminal and transportation (bus/taxi/car/parking lot) with sidewalk

I am now seeing the same thing. Admins have been working in the staff room and just stop working, same applies to other employees. The description of their activity is “Empty”

do i need bus stops or are cars stops good enough

Bus stop is handy, but not sure if required.

Please note that “white collar” workers work on particular shifts. You can modify the hours once you hire HR manager, if I recall correctly. That’s why on some hours there is no progress on R&D.


Thx! good to know

I had a very similar problem.

Try adding a bus stop, I find that staff don’t arrive if there isn’t one. :slightly_smiling_face:

They arrived! Thank you for ur help!

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