Night light issues

Hey folks,

Loving this game! Unfortunately, my eyes can’t adjust to the level of light the game provides at “night” and/or underground. I’m sure most people don’t have a problem with it but my eyes are especially insensitive (I can’t drive at night either).

Is there some kind of adjustable slider somewhere to change how dark it gets at night? If not, can there be?


press F10 and select the time of day that appears in the early morning, morning, afternoon and night, if it does not work only F10 press fn and f10

I wouldn’t recommend that, it also changes the actual time. So you’d mess up the flight schedule quite a lot.


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If anything you would have to change the brightness settings on your computer or monitor. I don’t believe there is any slider to change the brightness in-game. We are sorry to hear about this, but as you have mentioned many of us playing don’t have this problem with the game, but I think @Olof would like to take this into consideration, (an always on light tool)?


Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game. Am I understanding correctly that the issue is that it’s getting too dark outside of the terminal area during night time and when you’re viewing the lower floors?


Hi @olof, thanks for responding. Yes exactly, it gets so dark that everything blends together. My monitor brightness is already all the way up.

I agree. night time is a bit too night.

I have always thought the same thing. I always have to turn my screen all he way up to see anything, and forget trying to see anything at "game night time " when I’m outside with my computer during the day. And then I have to turn down my screen brightness during “game daytime” so I don’t burn my eyes. :joy: Glad you mentioned this @rjphotos. However, I do love the game night time when im in doors at night with all the runway lights etc… So would be nice to have a slider or something to adjust the night time light slightly up to the players desired night time brightness.


Another option is to go the realistic route and put up light poles/flood lights up around areas where you want to see.

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If it’s changed I would prefer the darkness of the night/underground controlled by a game setting (like gamma or brightness & contrast) than making it brighter altogether. While playing the game in the middle of night with all lights off, the in-game night feels too bright for me, while playing the game in the daylight the night feels just fine (and brightness of my PC monitor is 30% day and night). However it might me just me, as in games with day/night cycles I’m always looking for mods or additional color correction filter shaders that will make the nights darker and shadows with higher contrast.

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On a related note (from someone whose eyes are fine) - there’s zero contrast between grass taxiways/roads and the snow textures. They’re literally invisible being white on white. From a gameplay perspective this is annoying.
I imagine the pilots/drivers would be having problems too… (snowplow?)

… as it is in many games. I expect that to come.

Although IMHO, this should be a feature of the operating system resp. the graphic card driver.
I think, the nvidia driver has this feature.

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I like the darkness to have enough effect when i place lightpoles. Would placing floodlights and streetlights make it easier for you?

Some examples.

I tried those floodlights for a while but it’s quite annoying when you want to change something and have to wait until all of them are gone.

Honestly, the lighting makes it worse, because my eyes can’t adjust to the darkness as it is, so adding light to that equation makes it absolutely impossible to see anything else (as opposed to 80-90% impossible)

I’m fully aware and supportive of the people who like the day-night cycle. I just think it makes more sense to be able to turn it off.

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I think it would be nice to add some accessibility option to “always day light” or “just a little dark at night times”.

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