Newsletter Send Out Issue Resolved


A number of users have reported that it’s been a while since they received their weekly newsletter. This was due to an SMTP misconfiguration within our systems and has now been resolved. Users should once again expect to get notified via e-mail regarding the development process if they so chose.

Thank you for your attention,


UPDATE: As of a few months back, there is no longer any newsletter send out. This is due to the fact that we are over limit in regards to the number of persons on the list. As we move closer to release, this will be resolved.


Even though this is VERY old, I am too lazy to make a new thread so I am just gonna ask if you can sign up for the newsletter AFTER you registered and said no for it. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do so on the regular website.

Yes you can, but I thought that newsletters weren’t sent out antmore since they reached the limit number of receivers…

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Yup… I am not receiving them since few last weeks… Or more.

Yeah, they’re not going out any more… we’re waaay past the amount of allowed subscribers and we don’t really have any good solution for it. Upgrading to a better account is not really that cheap so I guess we’ll have to wait until we’ve got some capital, we didn’t really expect to ever reach the limit… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re needing capital guys, just let us know. I’m certainly happy to support you.