Newsletter and it's contents!

Right now, the newsletter system is only used to show the most recent devlog published… I think in addition to that, every now and then there should be extra content put in! Maybe stuff like donators, inside looks, and stuff that we generally wouldn’t see in the devlog when it gets posted. I’d love to see the newsletter utilized a lot more!

While I get where you are coming from, I’d much rather have the devs focus all their time and energy on coding and testing rather than writing reports and blogs and newsletters that entertain us for a few minutes and are then forgotten.

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I think this would be too much extra work. The DevLogs are weekly and pretty much entirely consist of an inside look. I’m not sure what you mean by donators but to be honest it probably wouldn’t add anything.

That being said, hooking a camera and microphone up to both Olof and Frederik and having a 24/7 livestream of their entire lives shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right?

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While I agree with the above sayers, I too can understand where this idea comes from. At this time we will focus all our efforts on finishing off the first releasable build but for the future we do have some plans on how to make the newsletter more vivid.

However, starting with this Monday’s devlog we will introduce a new method of reporting progress which I think you’ll really like.

Haha! I’m setting up the Twitch account now…


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