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Hey guuys , i just want to ask when u guys drop a new Update for the game? I thought every monday ?:thinking:
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The latest devlog stayed that they are taking some time off in July and they are currently making large changes which will take time to implement but hopefully will be ready soon.

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What @Stu says :wink:. AFAIK the ACEO devs don’t have a standard update day, on the experimental branch they continuously update the game with bug fixes, improvements and updates (which I like and appreciate very much and don’t see that often in the gaming market). They have a ‘standard’ day for the DevLog, maybe that is what you are referring to? The DevLog is aimed for every two weeks (so around twice a month) around the beginning of the week, last one was DevLog 112. Next one should logically be next week but as they have some time off it could be 3 weeks from now.

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They told me on another thread that their will be an gameplay update before the end of the month.

The devs did not seem to commit any date / timeline on the latest devlog

As Stu said, it’s the “summer holidays” equivalent in Sweden, so to devs are trying to step back a bit. However, they also have some pretty awesome things coming in the pipeline, so have patience! :grinning:

Updates come very regularly to the experimental branch - more frequently than we could ask for, so I’m sure a new update will appear in the next few weeks - in the mean time, enjoy the game in its current state - ACEO has come so far… :slight_smile:

Olof Developer

So we can expect some new gameplay elements before the end of july?

Yes, definitely. :slight_smile: - maybe not the full implementation of those large features, but increments and new minor content. We’ll already be adding new stuff to the experimental branch this week.

We are still very much in July. Yes I love to see updates as pretty my most players. I know some are chomping at the bit for them (slightly guilty). But everyone deserves a holiday from their job now matter how enjoyable it is. I love my job and do not consider it work at all, but I also appreciate my time away from it. Ironically I do the same as I would if I was at work. Photography is (apart of) my job, but I also love photography so…

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I wonder if we will get any update on tonight’s Devlog !

Hey! Yes, we’re on and off for holidays as of now, taking a break from development and work now and then is really important in order to maintain sanity and a sustainable life work balance.

There will be a devlog tonight, albeit a summer edition of it meaning a bit shorter and not as structured but with a few screenshots from the current state of the remote stand implementation. We’ll target deploying remote stands and modular runway exits to the experimental branch later this week.


It’s amazing July is almost over! This month felt long! And not to long ago it was Friday the 13th. :wink: I work to for a living 4 to 5days a week. I take holidays too when things gets to busy or slow I get frustrated too at work.

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