New to this but stuck

I only started playing this 3 weeks ago but found myself restarting to try to get passed it but keep getting stuck. I am following the help and it tells you to connect boarding desk to large stand but it has never told you to build a large stand or a large runway and I can’t work out how to build them so stuck again. Any help would be more than welcome.

what do you need help with? It seems like you answered your own question.

I cant build large stands or a bigger runway for my first commercial flights following the tutorial

Have you researched large commercial flights yet?

Yes , I’ve researched that and a few others trying to check if i need anything else, I’ve followed the tutorial with building terminal and at no stage do they tell you to build the larger stands but presumes they are already there ??? I think i’ve finaly got it but the tutorial doesnt cover it, to be honest the tutorial misses a few things which can put off new players, I might start again to tidy up first attempt.

It should be implied that you need to build a large stand.

The tutorial isn’t the best.
I’ve used a sandbox map to learn how every should work.

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