New to the game - skiping tutorial

Hi there ! I purchased the game yesterday and I’m having hard times with the tutorial … Not always clear when something won’t work. But eventually managed to finish the first part (refueling 5 planes). Had to retry many many times … :frowning:
I’m afraid I will have the same kind of problems with the rest of the tutorial so I was wondering how can I start a new game with all functions activated but tutorial deactivated ? Is it possible ? Or am I obliged to complete all tutorials before to unlock the full game ?

Otherwise the game seems interesting and rather complex. Looks good so far !


Welcome to the forums!

If you start a new game in sandbox mode, below where you enable sandbox mode you can chose which particular settings are enabled/disabled in the sandbox. One of them is to have all products available (so you don’t have to do any R&D). You can then choose whether to have emergencies, animals, unlimited funds etc. so that you can tailor the game how you wish

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However, even in sandbox mode I would suggest to use the tutorial when playing the game for the first time. If you get stuck at some point, you can always ask here in the forum.

Without the tutorial, you will probably be a bit overwhelmed by all the functions.

Thanks guys ! I noticed the sandbox mode and tried it but I didnt see the configuration tool so I gave up the game because I thought that sandbox was only with “unlimited money”. Now I know about the customization. Good !

And yes, now I’m registered on the forum, I will try to go on with the tutorial and will ask if I’m blocked.

Thank you both !

In fact, I think that I failed to complete the tutorial because I was using the game in French language and the translation might be sometimes misleading. When I decided to try the English version, everything went smoothly … Just in case if other French speaking users are stuck too.

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I too highly recommend giving the tutorial a go. It’s complex, yes, but the entire game is complex so it’s something, just like a pilot education, you just kind of have to hassle your way through…

But if there are things that you do not understand we’ll be here to guide you along the way!


So It seems I’m blocked again in the tutorial. I’m trying to open the airport for commercial flight. I have to open stands for commercial flights. When I do I get this message and don’t know what to do… help would be appreciated … Thanks.

You have to clear the stand of GA aircraft first.

There’s a button to do this (aeroplane with a red X through it).

This is a relatively recent development though, so the text needs to be updated.

Where it would get confusing for novice players is later on where you’re asked to build a medium check-in desk before researching a medium aircraft permit.

Thanks re “clear the stands of GA planes”. But the switch triggered a new issue. Tracks are not connected anymore. See picture.
It’s a pity that the game won’t give more info about where the error is …

Have you opened your runway for commercial use?
You also need to make sure passengers can get from the boarding desk in the terminal building to the stand, either by building some terminal with the boarding desk directly next to the stand or by using secure zones sidewalk to get from the terminal to the stand or by treating the stand as a remote stand and using an airside shuttle bus stop and shuttle bus to take passengers to the stand, this would need to be connected by road. You also need to complete the associated R&D to build the bus stop.

Well, I searched everywhere but didn’t find any such command. In “operations overview” I have “allow for GA” but couldn’t find anything about commercial flights …
I do have researched the commercial aviation project.

You have to click on the runway itself and make sure the toggle is switched to allow commercial flights. The tutorial should tell you how to do this. And you need to research the remote stands R&D to have remote stands

Many thanks ! For some reasons I missed the switch. Now it’s working … :slight_smile:

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It’s a real headache because each time I have a new problem and no idea how to solve it … I guess the devs should definitely spend some time reworking the tutorial so that the beginner is not left with puzzles …

Security checkpoint not connected …


Is there a clear path zoned as secure between the stand and the security checkpoint that passengers can access?

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It’s a tricky game, for sure, with a very steep learning curve, but also something we’ll keep an eye on an iterate if we get multiple complains on a specific section! :slight_smile:

In my opinion, there is a big gap in training regarding working with multiple terminals.

Well, I didn’t know how to link the checkpoints to the stands so I built sidewalks and made them secured.
… it’s apparently not the right thing to do. Thinking about scraping the whole thing and starting a new airport from scratch with more thinking now that I have access to the forum and help …

Yeah. It’s best to build your stands next to the terminal building to start with, I think the second part of the tutorial does show this.