New thinking bubble? What does it mean?

Have not seen this thinking bubble before:

When I click the person and look at what they think it’s not related to the sign. The sign looks like they cannot enter or may not enter something, so you would think it’s related to a blocked area or something but cannot find anything what this could be… So far I’ve only seen it with ramp agents.

Any ideas?

Hi, it is not a new notification but rather a quite unusual. It is suppose to be the universal sign of one-way meaning they are having trouble finding a security one-way exit. We will look over the icons to see if they can be better in clarify their meanings.


Ah, that make sense, thanks.

The personnel working in the baggage bays indeed only can access through security but they don’t have an exit out of the security zone… Will add a security exit as well then, never thought of it for personnel

Lol, I am very good at building new airports without secure exits, I assumed more people knew how to do that :smiley:

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