New stands created but game says no check-in linked to baggage bay [solved]

I have added some stands to an existing part of my airport. However, having done so, it now says that there is no link between check-in and my baggage bay. I know this is not correct as I have double checked it and I have also deleted and re-built the bag drop area concerned. The bag drop area is also green and confirms that a baggage bay is activated. What is frustrating is that the bag drop area services other flights which work perfectly, including flights using the same baggage bay. This is a screenshot of the message I am getting.

I hope you can help.


PS - please ignore the right hand side of the screenshot. I have 2 screens and forgot that it would copy both !!!

If I see it right, it is one stand or maybe two. Domestic 11 and 12?
Are they connected?
Did you reach the maximum points for the baggage bay?
Do you have maned or self check-in?
Do you have enough check-in counters?
Tried you to save and load the game?

OK. My setup has 4 bag drops / 2 stands / 1 baggage bay all the time. Self check-in for all.

As the flights serving the same bag drops/baggage bays/stands are timed to be 2.5 hours apart from each other, there should be no issue i.e. Domestic 11 is 0020-0420 and Domestic 12 is 0250-0650 and then Domestic 11 will be back again from 0505-0905 etc. So there should be no problem with overload, especially as this is exactly the same setup I have on all my other stand pairs which have no issues.

Yes they are definitely connected because when I click on the bag drop unit, it is green and says “this check-in is connected to a baggage bay and can accept baggage” - although it refuses to.

All check-in is self check-in. I have no manned check-in counters.

I have 2 self check-in counters per bag drop - is that sufficient? It is working for all my other bag drops/stands, so I don’t see the problem for the stands concerned.

I have saved and re-loaded the game, as well as demolished and rebuilt the bag drop, as well as demolished and rebuilt their part of the baggage belt.

FINALLY, what is even stranger is that I have Domestic 13 & Domestic 14 paired together. Domestic 14 was in my original build and is working perfectly. However, I added Domestic 13 along with the other 2 problem stands above separately (at a later time) and Domestic 13 is also not working, despite using exactly the same bag drop units and baggage bay as Domestic 14.

It just seems that the 3 extra stands I have built after my original build, are refusing to accept bags and pax. The offload of bags is working fine on these problem stands.

Does this help at all??

I can’t see a mistake in your setup it sounds as every thing should work.

My last questions:
Are the zoning issues?
Did you tried to restart the game not just the save game?

Maybe someone else has some more hints but for me it sounds like a bug.

It’s definitely not zoning because all my passengers on other domestic flights work fine and they go to and from the same part of the terminal.

Yes, after I demolished and rebuilt, I quit the game, saved and then reloaded but with no effect.

Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

It looks to me that there aren’t enough check-in desks to handle all flights. When I look at TA983 and CC490 all passengers have arrived at your airport, but none have checked in, which causes delays.

But this is what I don’t understand.

I originally had 27 stands. International stands 1-12 and Domestic stands 1-10 and 14-18.

I paired up the stands so that for example :
Domestic stands 1 & 2 had 4 of their own dedicated bag drops and 1 dedicated baggage bay
Domestic stands 3 & 4 had 4 of their own dedicated bag drops and 1 dedicated baggage bay
etc. etc. etc.
The self check in desks are located right opposite the bag drop and so in effect there are 2 desks opposite each bag drop. Effectively, each flight on each pair of stands has got 4 bag drops and 8 self check in desks.

For all my existing stands (that’s 13 pairs and 1 odd one out), there is no issue whatsoever with this combination and everything works perfectly.

I then go to expand my airport and add 3 domestic stands (stands 11/12/13)
11 & 12 are paired together with 4 of their own dedicated bag drops and 1 dedicated baggage bay
13 is paired with my already existing stand 14 (as 14 was the only stand not paired but still had 4 dedicated bag drops and 1 dedicated baggage bay of it’s own)

These 3 stands (when I look at the baggage drop area at check in), say that the bag drop can accept bags as the bag drop is linked to a baggage bay. However, it is ONLY on the flight information screen (i.e. the screen which you get when you select G on your keyboard), where it says that the flights on these stands cannot accept bags.

Why does the flight information screen tell me that the flights on those 3 additional stands, that I added at a later stage of my airport build, cannot accept bags - even though the baggage drop says it is connected to a baggage bay and can accept bags. If it was a problem at the bag drop area, then is should say something there.

And finally which makes no sense at all, my new stand Domestic 13 has been paired with my existing stand Domestic 14. This uses the same bag drop, same belt, same baggage bay. Stand Domestic 14 which was part of my original build continues to function perfectly and yet stand Domestic 13 (which shares everything with stand Domestic 14), continues to tell me in the flight information screen page only, that this flight cannot accept bags … it makes no sense at all.

I’m at the point of giving up because what’s the point of trying to develop my airport further if my flights can’t accept bags.

That all sounds logical.
Would you like to upload your save game to steam so we can have a look at?

If I knew how to do this I would.

I have already demolished stands 12 & 13 in the hope that re-building might help but stand 11 which is one of the problem stands is still built and operational with it’s problems.

How do I upload to steam? I am technically not the most proficient person to say the least …

And thank you for your help. I really want to carry on playing the game.

When you want to load your save game you find at the right the button to upload to steam.

After that you can post your link here from steam.

I hope this is the right things. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing.

I will later have a look at.

Hi there,

Firstly I really want to thank you for the time you’ve put in to fixing this. I had a brainwave when I woke up this morning and it turns out I was right.

When I created the extension with my 3 new stands, I didn’t overlay the Terminal and so that was the reason it said that although the bag drop was OK to accept bags as it was linked to a baggage bay, it could not accept pax/bags because I had not designated that area with the new stands as Terminal 1.

Thanks for all your efforts. In the end it was just a dumbass player who forgot something simple !!


That’s good that you could solve it by yourself.
I opened the save game once this morning and this was also the first what i saw. :wink:

never forget, never give up


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt…

glad to hear you have solved it yourself. :slight_smile: :+1:

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