New pc -what spec to run ACEO fast?

Hi I am looking to buy a new pc and wondering what would be a spec for running the game with no lag? At the moment I have a Quadcore 2.4ghz with 8gb ram and 2gb graphics… Once I get over about 12 stands and 5000pax it starts running really slow, over 20 stands just forget it. Been looking at a i7 16gb ram and 4gb graphics would that make a massive diffrence? Otherwise just use the pc for genral internet/office/ email which it is fine at.

Might need something better than what you’ve suggested. My laptop has similar specs to what you’ve put in and when I built VHHX and ran it with all the stands operating I lost any framerate whatsoever.

Here’s my laptop’s specs, upgraded with 16gb ram and dual SSDs above baseline. Usually runs FSX CaptainSim L-1011s while dabbling in Photoshop CC at the same time. Somehow ACEO broke it. :joy: One L-1011 vs the entire CX fleet.

Might be wrong, but I think somewhere one of the devs may have said it’s something to do with CPU more than graphics? Something about the calculations of the paths that causes chaos.

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