New medium aircraft

Feature request title:

New Medium aircraft

New aircraft to be added to the game for the medium stands

some suggestions:

The Fokker 70/100:
The Fokker 70/100 were the last aircraft to be produced by the Dutch company Fokker before it filed for bankruptcy in 1996. The Fokker 100 was the largest aircraft to ever be built by Fokker, with a maximum capacity of 122 pax. The aircraft has a wingspan of 28.08 meters and a range of 2450km. The Fokker 70 is the smaller brother of the 100 and features a cabin seating with a maximum capacity of 85 pax and a range of 3410 km.

This aircraft would be in the same area as the crj700, however with a longer wingspan and higher capacity.
it also was the runner-up in the last aircraft poll

Dash 8 Q400:
The Dash 8 Q400 is a Canadian turboprop aircraft made by Bombardier. It has a capacity of 90 pax and a max range of 2040km.

This aircraft would be in the same class as the atr72, however, it has a higher capacity

[not done yet]


Great suggestion man. +1 from me :smiley:

C Series Bombardier jets.

ERJ’s to compete against the CRJ’s

(British Aerospace ATP - Wikipedia)

Will add to the post tonight!

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