New Liveries To The Default Airlines?

Hello Airport CEO forum! Are you getting tired of seeing the same old color scheme and design of default airlines as they land or takeoff? Fear no longer, as I have created this vote for you to make the decision on whether to add new liveries 2 the default airlines! No pressure :wink: We could have a poll each month (idea by @RubenGass) for new liveries organized be the developers.

New liveries can be added anytime :slight_smile:
New airlines also can be added anytime. This community has really talented modders and opening a new design contest will be enough :slight_smile:
However if you really wanna see “really new” airlines, there is Steam Workshop :wink:


Yeah, there are tons of new real/fictional airlines available on workshop for airport ceo, you might want to check them out. :wink:

You could alternatively flip it around and instead of asking the developers to implement some new liveries, ask the developers to organise a monthly community-showcase-vote-livery-thing where people can submit their entries. The one with the most votes can be added to the game as additional ‘vanilla’ content.

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I think @Blackout means new liveries to the default airlines in the game

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Yes, I do @Scottie Just changed some things. Thanks! :smile:

Didn’t maple get a whole new revamp. I forgot.

They did? I know they got new big birds but not new liveries.

I think so. and even if not I remember someone made a maple livery that glistened and looked awesome!

I am just going to go with you @win_win because I almost never accept Maple as an airline to go to my airport.

vow, lol.

Can you confirm

I struggle to see the point in making new liveries for the default airlines. Besides some specials, most real-life airlines only have one livery right? And the whole point of a livery is to have a uniform recognisable representation of your company, so why would one airline have two or three default liveries?

If you are talking about special liveries, again, is that worth it? It would take a large amount of time to design a new addition to the airline for a livery that will only appear once per day at your airport.

I would like some new default airlines with their own character (something in the works right now) but I don’t see the point in changing something that is fine as it is. If variety is all you are after, download one of the 288 airline mods from the Steam Workshop.

Given that this is such a community-oriented game, it would almost make more sense to “outsource” that to the talented modders anyways. If the developers Focus on providing new A/C from time to time, both real and fictional Airlines will appear out of nowhere.

That being said, the default Airlines are really well balanced and I wouldn’t object to seeing new ones :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @747

First of all, welcome @747 to the ACEO community.

You are correct, airlines want a flagship brand, and most importantly livery to show off their creativity and designs. I don’t however see why we should not recreate aging liveries. What older airline hasn’t done this. BOAC turned into British airways, which turned into there 3rd generation livery, AA made a new livery, and some more recent ones would include Lufthansa and United. The special liveries made by our wonderful modding group are spectacular and spot on, but these default liveries also deserve appreciation.

I agree! :+1: :smiley:

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