New KLIA 2

So I’m trying to build a replica of KLIA 2 here. I know @Puma had attempted this but I’m gonna try again anyway. It’s really a resource hog with so many stands and multiple floors. I’m hoping my ancient computer doesn’t grind to a halt once I open up all the stands.


Here’s the saved file if anybody interested.

Change your graphics setting in the main menu from Fantastic to Simple. I get 35-60 FPS with over 50 stands. No real loss in graphics quality.

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I cannot find this setting in Graphics

Wait found it, I’m already on Fast which is even lower than simple right? :joy:

Yes. Fast is faster than Simple.

New update:

  • Restaurant and cafe upstairs
  • Baggage area at lower ground floor to save space
  • One way taxiways!

Looks nice @afifplc! And respect that you build it all with builders, when building big in sandbox mode I always turn off simulate building and materials (F10 menu option). Are you going to build the sky bridge as well with the taxiway underneath?

Unfortunately with the current map size you cannot build the full width of the airport, but nevertheless it is a huge airport! Hopefully your PC can deal with all the stands being opened, that would really be cool to see it all working. But I think you have to bring down the passenger percentage to a lower number and gradually bring it up to see when it breaks, both on airport operations keeping up and your PC not burning down :wink: I was never able to open the airport in full because of the pathfinding issues back then, so I also definitely need to give it a try and do a rebuilt.

Will of course keep an eye on this build, looking forward how it will progress! Some tips, you need at minimum 2 check-in desks per medium stand and around 1 medium security station per 2/3 stands, that obviously is also depended on how full you plan (F-key) your airport with planes arriving/departing and as said earlier the percentage of PAX arriving. Also keep an eye on your arriving PAX bus stops, car drop off’s and subway’s, as that can also become a bottleneck, check the operation monitor (G-key) regularly. Have fun with the build and safe flights! :airplane:


Wait a second, I can build without waiting for the contractors to finish the construction? :rofl:


Yes, you can. Bring up the debug menu with F10 and turn off simulate build and simulate materials

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Well, then I wasted a lot of my time…

Oops. I always though checking “simulate build” would not build anything, just simulate it.

I actually live about 30 minutes from this airport so I feel compelled to finish this project. Almost finished getting all the south stands to operate. Baggage handling is a beach since can scarcely find enough room for them. Save file here.

And yes I did get the sky bridge to work, planes move right below it.

Great airport! As it is IRL, this is an impressive airport, too! :wink:

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Cool! Do you have pictures?