New features?

I just wanted to ask when we gonna see some new features again? I only see bug fixes the last weeks but nothing new :frowning:( sooo many great ideas from the ppl but nothing happend :frowning:


Hi Cap

If you read the Dev Blogs, and look at the other social channels the Devs regular post on, there are new features up coming. Some of which the community will also get to have a voice in them too. Right now, the 757 is being worked on ready to introduce. We can now unlock the other areas, new feature. FPS improvements has been a major milestone they have been working on as players like to push their airport designs to the max and better path finding is crucial to helping that along for everybody.

The dev’s do an amazing job. Sometimes new features depend on existing features being stable and a foundation to build upon.

Hang in there, new still should be coming in the next few weeks. There’s been lots of hints from all three of the team and the community too. :grinning:


We are of course also very keen on getting more content and new features in the game and we will start working on that soon as well. Unfortunately, game development takes a lot of time and usually more time that you think and plan for. The latest weeks we had to focus more on improving the performance and fixing bugs than on new features, even if smaller features have indeed been implemented. Also, behind the hood, many new features are already prepared for in the code so we anticipate that some of the requested features will be fairly easy to do the final implementation. :slight_smile:


Sneak peak sneak peak sneak peak we want a sneak peak :smiley:


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