New features coming soon?

It has been a while since I have loaded up a game. I just recently watched a Let’s Play for ACEO’s competition and they have multi storey buildings, a new UI, and loads of decorative objects.

Question I have is when will new major features be introduced or smaller stuff like new floor colors, extra decorations, or other minor things.

I never thought SA could approach ACEO but it is quite close in my mind now. I think SA is superior for terminal stuff, and ACEO for baggage and airside.


They are still very different games! ACEO might be taking a while to get our new features but once they come I’m sure they will be great quality.

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Hey and welcome back! If you check the latest devlogs ( you’ll see that we’re doing major overhauls of the game’s core. The major performance sprint is done (but optimization is never really done) and we’re in the process of finalizing the first version of the new UI for internal and then external testing. The average number of version deployments has dropped notably since we split up the project in two branches but they has of today been merged again, and once we’ve rolled out the experimental version of Alpha 27 featuring the new UI (the first version) and Steam Workshop we expect to again get back to frequent deployments every week. Post the performance and UI sprint, when we feel that the game really has a stable core, we’re gonna devote 100 percent of the development time to implementing new and large features.


Excellent, glad the UI is almost ready for deployment so features can be worked on. Interested to see what the future holds!

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