New Default and Experimental Branch Category

Good evening(?) airport CEOs!

As you all know, we enjoy working as agile as possible and that means constant changes and improvements to our workflow and processes. To facilitate this agility we’ve split the Game Updates category to reflect our development branches, i.e. the Default Branch category and the Experimental Branch category.

From now on we will create separate threads in these categories for the major default branch updates (for example 26.0) and consequently separate threads for the experimental updates (for example 26.1, 26.2 and so forth). This will allow us to have a more structured way of chatting about certain bugs in certain versions and allow the development process to become more transparent.

A core part of working in agile ways is the feedback loop so just like everything else this is a test, we will try it out for a few versions and see how well it works. As always, we’re keen to hear any suggestions or ideas you might have that could bring the community and the development process closer and make it more transparent.