New bug. (idk how explain that and how name topic)

Idk how explain, you need see that.

I cant build door there or other object. :thinking:
Or zone.

I reaload game but nothing happened.

But contractors can walk truth.

and I can plant a tree there

As I see, you need rebuilt small part of terminal foundation, I see ground where you want place doors.


What I did

But this bug need fix.

I reported bug.

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What I am wondering, there is an very old Door in Wall bug, what could assume, there is already a door build, you just dont see it, and you cannot rebuild a door in a door.

What if you delete the wall area completely, and then place a NEW door, without the wall present?

And then build a new wall to connect it.


Now that is remove wall and there grass.

I will try then. Some time today if I will have a time. 2019-04-28T21:00:00Z

If you have grass under a wall, you have no terminal block, you cannot build a door outside a terminal.

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