New Baggage Pages on the ACEO Wiki!

Today I’m celebrating the completion of the brand new baggage page on the ACEO wiki! :partying_face: It’s one of the first very thorough and up-to-date pages and should provide an excellent introduction to baggage for beginners. Along with this, the baggage bay page got a complete overhaul, with lots more detail and nice screenshots.
Check out the old page vs. the new page!

I would like to thank Gobe1904 for helping make it a reality, as well as everyone else who has contributed to the wiki in the past few months. :+1:

If anyone has a bit of free time an a good knowledge of ACEO, please contribute to the wiki. It’s really struggling…


Incredible work! :open_mouth: :exploding_head:


Thank you for the extremely kind words, and thanks everyone for the posititvity. :heart:


Page looks awesome, but I couldn’t find a reference to using the ‘B’ key to check the flow of the baggage belts. As we all know, there is always one bit of belt which somehow gets put in the wrong way round, which completely fouls up the workings…


I’ll make some time for adding that! Thanks for the feedback :grin:

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Is “left behind” baggage on the airport still a thing?

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Pretty sure it is… Cant confirm though

I’ve been busy with modding recently, so I haven’t had time on the wiki, but I’ll try to slot it it…

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Can you change the max trailer count? This is an old information which does not apply anymore since big birds were introduced. All types carry up to max 5 trailers.

The ingame description is actually outdated.

Another difference which isn’t mentioned is the driving speed. (Large roofless is the fastest)


Ok. Also, one thing I noticed: why is the large roofless more expensive than the large with roof? What? Kinda the opposite of what one would except

It’s the speed. As written, the roofless is faster.
And yes, that makes no sense. But it looks like when there is no roof, the drivers have more fun.

The following has been added/fixed:

  • Overlay info added
  • Baggage operation cost added
  • Baggage trailer count fixed

I don’t have any concrete data for baggage truck speed, so that will have to wait till you or I test (or say) what the speeds are. I may just write faster, fastest, and slow though.

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