"New" and "Unread" posts in the forum


is it just me, firefox, or did the way the forum software change the update of new and unread posts?

It used to update periodically even when a site was open.
Now I noticed that when I come back the next day, the unread and new posts listed are still the same listed when I visited the website last time. eventually, they are corrected but I have to read (well, open them) them at least twice.

With me, if i keep the list of topics open, a line of blue text appears on the top saying “# new or updated topics, view” (roughly translated, i have my settings on dutch). Then you click on that tekst and it updates the page.

Yes, my problem is that when I visit the page, it shows to many new or updated topics, namely those I already read.

I do know Olof has been doing some updates on the Forum server this last week. Alas, they have little control over what features are added/removed as they just deploy the Discorse updates when required with features/security totally out of their hands.

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Today I checked again and noticed that threads where I was the last one to post were shown to me as “unread”. (Not true, I try to re-read all my post before posting. :smile:)
Maybe that’s the thing…

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