New Airport in Miami Lets Play Airport CEO

Here is my new series, so happy to play this game and thanks to apoapsis studios for providing the key.


For the runway ramps, what the game “wants” you to do is to place them on the same side of the runway on either end. But as you showed, you don’t need to…

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The game wants two runway ramps per runway. Where they are doesn’t appear to matter.

My usual installation of two large runways which serve medium and large aricraft has two ‘on-ramps’ at one end of the departure runway (take off at the marked positions) and two 45-degree angle ‘off ramps’ at one end of the arrival runway, spaced at the places where the aricraft have slowed down to taxi-speed.

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that makes sense, thank you.

thanks that makes sense I’ll use it when I make my next run way.

Episode 2 of the series.
We get some fuel contracts sorted.