Need freezes

Hello folks… i m having some problem with my airport… when i had a small stands… game was working fine but soon as i unlocked another map n put medium stands in airport it start freezing… every 15 minutes game freezes ang while those 15 minutes game is just unplayable… mean its laging also… any help would be great… thanks

What branch are you on?
How big is your airport?
What are your pc specs?

Have you tried reinstalling the game through steam? (after backing up your saves)

I m new to this gane so idk which branch i m on…
Airport is not too big…max passenger were i guess 1700.
I know i have 4gb ram though rest i have to find out.
No i have not tried yet. I can try tommorow

Ok if you don’t know what branch you are on you’re on the default (that’s good :slight_smile: ). Just FYI if you want to try out newer features you can join the experimental branch by right clicking on ACEO in your steam library > properties > betas > experimental.
1700 is a little on the big side but shouldn’t be a problem.
4 gb is not a lot, but it should be enough.

Does this same problem happen on a new save? Just start a new airport with sandbox mode and build some medium stands.

Sure will try that tommorow… I love this game and i wanna enjiy every moment…

Hey bud… can u guide me how to save files and reinstall new game.

Sure thing!
First go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
Then just copy paste the folders of the saves you want to backup to somewhere else on your pc.
To reinstall go to steam library > rightclick ACEO > properies > local files
There you could first try the ‘check integrity of game files’,
if that doesn’t work try to delete the game and reinstall


Sure i ll try that out in tonight and i will send u specs also so that way we can find out for sure if its my computer or its game , who making all that trouble…thanks for the help bud

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Anytime :grinning:

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I found this idk if its right or wrong info… may be u can look bud… is it enough memory size?? thanks

You have 2gb of video ram, that should be enough

This is what happen after game freeze…is that normal??

Are you running the game as an admin?

What u mean by admin bud??

Right click where in steam??

I’m aMac user so out of my comfort zone, On the start menu I think?

Let me try

Hmm not finding that option

Have a look at that thread, it did solve that players issues not being able to play. Sorry I cannot be more help.

I don’t know windows anymore that well. I stopped at XP.

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