Need help designing taxiway and runway routing

Yo! I am almost done with my Changi Airport build but then I came across a deadlocked runway congestion. In any way I configure the runways and one way taxiways there will always be either planes face to face and deadlocking, or a long queue of planes wanting to take off blocking the other half of the airport, so I need your help to come up with a design to minimise this

For context, I put a medium and a large runway face to face, such that I have 2 medium and 2 large runways, in order to maximise the number of runways I can have. Unrealistic, but it reduces runway congestion by doubling the number of runways I would have otherwise. Currently, they’re set to one departing and one arriving(of each size). Thanks as always!

Best is to put your runways next to eachother with some spacing in between in stead of behind eachother. But in your case I should choose to have to back runway to be departure only and the front runway be arrival only. that way planes arrive from West (left) and touchdown on the East (right) and then they move back to the westside of your airport to pick what gate they need and after turnaround they continue to go west back to the runway.

The issue I had was that large and medium planes often had to cross paths. I tried a new system where I flipped the large runways such that large and medium runways face each other on both sides and tinkered with the one way taxiways. So far so good

Thanks man!