NCA Cyprus Nicosia Airport

Fictionally reopened airport serving Nicosia, the Republic of Cyprus capital city. The real world airport is no longer operational since the conflict, with the site likely to be redeveloped as some form of business park. The country is served currently by Larnaca Airport in the east and the smaller Paphos Airport in the west.

This was created primarily in sandbox however the costs were often applied in standard gameplay and developed over time. Cyprus was chosen as all flights in terms of airport CEO are international presenting unique challenges for the build (in the real world, Republic of Cyprus is not part of the EU Schengen travel area).

2x Medium Runways

5x Small Stands (GA)
3x Small Stands (Commercial)
16x Medium Stands

NCA is served by European low cost carriers, with 5 airbridge gates and 11 gates (+3 small gates still under negotiation with regional airlines). There is a large car park and transit area and subway (entirely fictional) to ensure sufficient access to the airport.

The check-in process consists of automated bag drops, with a large coffee shop and convenience store. The ground floor shown below, is also home to the arrivals corridor to the back of the terminal, and the International Baggage area to the left with two large reclaim areas and seating. The staff entrance to the secure area is also on the ground floor, with stairs up to departures and down to the basement level.

Up to level two via the escalators, we find the recently expanded security search area with a lucky 13 search areas to ensure queues are kept to a minimum. The departures round then follows a corridor around the staff room to the immigration desks. Automatic immigration desks are used to make best use of the limited space. From there, we then enter the departures area with a duty free store, convenience stores and 3 different food outlets. There is also a recently completed roof top area with outdoor seating, large toilet facilities and a premium lounge.

As shown in the first photos, there is one large remote stand boarding gate area with 6 bus bays, with an additional 3 bus bays in a newly completed area to the right of it, this will be used be a regional operator of small aircraft. The original bus bays are located under the airbridge stands in a space saving way. Each airbridge stand has an adjacent coaching stand with an escalator down to the ground floor, fully segregated from the airbridge stand arrivals using a separate escalator.

To support the rapid expansion within a limited airport boundary, a basement level baggage sorting and vehicle parking area has been constructed. This is also home to 3 dedicated arrivals bus bays directly below the immigration area to ensure short walking distance. The arrivals route from the bus bays uses two escalators up to level +1.

The departures and arrivals immigration areas are located either side of a glass divide, fully segregated. Arriving passengers follow the corridor at the back of the terminal on ground floor (or from the basement if remote stand), taking the escalator up to level +1. At peak times the queues remain within the organised barriers, passengers then return back to the ground floor to claim baggage and exit into the public areas.

The baggage reclaim area appears compact, however even in peak times it remains sufficient. Two large baggage reclaim belts deliver baggage exceptionally quickly due to the short route from the basement and fully staffed baggage bays. The service road tunnels also help improve delivery times. There are toilets and vending machines in this area plus an information desk.

Thanks for reading! Unlikely to be doing much further work on this airport, but it has been an enjoyable one to build whilst keeping to the small footprint of the terminal, restricted by the runway being so close.


Another amazing build!


Hey Cragwats, really impressive and detailed work! are they following the layout of the airport in the real world? or it was 100% your design

Thank you :slight_smile: a fictional rebuild of a former airport