Native Mods/Steam Workshop Mods

I am struggling a bit to mod the game using these new features. In past games that I have used workshop I was able to place my mods into a folder then activate the mod for steam workshop use while in-game.

Is this where I am supposed to place my native mod?


I have it placed in that file path right now, but when I go in game it does not show up in the ‘Native Mods’.

Any help with this process would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Does your mod have a ModData.json? And if so, what does it contain?

Perhaps subscribe to an ACEOMM mod, and see what happens there

Yup, native mods do not show up in game, even after installing them via mod manager.

The latest version of ACEOMM i presume? :slight_smile:

I would file a bug report, because both native and workshop mods should work

Steam Mods seem to take precedence over local mods, is that right?

Please have a look at the guide which I updated previously today. I have included new instructions how to setup mods. Let me know how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will do. Been out most of the day so not really see much of anything. Lots of stuff to catch up on.

Thank you.

Oh, so the old style is being deprecated?

Just the Native Mod/Steam Workshop instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, they are showing up in game now, but all the planes are just white, no livery on them?


Any ideas?

Because the actual airline data should be a few folders down
You need \Mods\TCook\Companies\Airlines\Thomas Cook
And in that folder should be the mod.json, the logos and the livery folder.

I read the instructions and i agree that that part is a bit vague.
If you look at the example mod, you see that it does indeed use the structure as i say.

Unless that’s not required for the mod to work? @Fredrik

Could you check that you have the A320 in your fleet in your mod file?
Could you also check that in the A320 folder there is 1 .png image and 1 liveryData.json file and that the liveryData.Json has the correct aircraft data in it?

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Still showing up with no liveries, and A320 is in fleet, with the image and liveryData.json file. Also coming up with mod.json error now?


I see you forgot to move your logo_inv.png?
Not sure if that is the error

Can you show the contents of the liveryData file?

Done it through ACEOMM, works now :wink:

Instructions are fiddly though, but thx guys!

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Yay! :slight_smile: Can you deduce what went different? It could make the manual a bit clearer perhaps

Thanks for the feedback. Will update the instructions in the document to explain that part more clearly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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