Naming stands - 25.5.1

Can someone test naming stands and then try to plan a flight on it?

I just named my stands and have them not in my flight planner.

Spent most of the day renaming stands as I rebuild Wellington. Had no issues since the update.

I tell a lie, but it’s a typography thing. Show’s up as a small letter if things are running late. Typography nerd.


I renamed, then they dissapeard, now I demolished them and rebuild them, and they are still not showing up

What is your naming conventions? I use things like A01, A02, B01 etc.

Ok… Never Mind, the few stands I had open, give a security connection warning now… lets find out why (testing a new build).

Thx all, now planned my first flights :smiley:


Did you press ‘enter’ after typing the name? I belive that’s the way to actually save the name.