My version of CPH

Hello, so i redesigned and fixed a lot at my version of Copenhagen Airport. Let me show what i have created.
Pls feel free to comment, leave tips or if you see something i should change.

But let’s go on a tour.

You arrive here, at the main entrance. By bus, metro, car, urber or taxi :slight_smile:

Then you will enter the check-in hall. We have 84 Check-in desks. Together with two info desks, a staff room and a WC.

After checking in to your flight, you go up stairs where you will find the security, and right after the Duty Free shop and 2 food areas.

Then it’s all about finding your gate, in one of the 3 Terminals. All gates have a latter and a number assigned I.E A10

The CEO togheter with his team will sit here. In the board room. Located in the middle of T1.

Then on the floor below you, there is all the staff areas and baggage depos with crew rooms.
All the parking space is actually " inside " the terminal. So you don’t see it.

An overlay to visualize all the baggage bays and staff corridors and parking.

One floor below we have all the baggage belts.

Six stand-by/remote gates. The gate waiting area are on the 0-floor for easy access to the shuttle buses. There is a parking behind every remote stand, where you can assign all the vehicles needed, and then you can open/close the stand freely, without the vehicles loosing there parking.

And when you arrive, you will be directed to the baggage claim, that is located behind the check-in hall. There is 9 belts in total.

Both sides have an runway @ 1000M
Two De-icing pads.
Catering and trash depo.
Fuel depo
Car checkpoint.
And Garage.

Other information is.
Everything should be finished.
Everything should be connected.
Everything Operational I.E rooms, gates, parking, depos and so on. All that have been renamed to fit the airport and easy to locate.
Checked every room so everything should be set and checked as it should be. I:E Board members are only allowed in the board room.

Thank you, and have a great flight.


Huge and pretty accurate.
need to download to see it in full swing but just looking at the picture and your “tour” it looks accurate. Extremely well done!

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Thank you, yeah i do need help uploading it. Nothing happens when i press the ingame upload button, is there any other way to upload or share your save?

well done. it looks pretty neat :clap:

Amazing airport.

I like the window seats in the food rooms especially.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you, yeah, it’s my favorite part, just sitting eating and drinking and enjoying all the movement happening outside.

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How do i upload to steam? Because nothing happens when i press the button i think.

Maybe it takes a while, it did work. @Rubble maybe knows its current state. Did you test it recently @rubble?

Are you on a Mac or Windows?

Windows :slight_smile: @Rubble

Hmmm, in that case I’m not sure. I know the Mac version for me at least does not upload.

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Seems a dev tag is reasonable now :wink: @Olof

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Yes thank you, last time i tried i pressed the button and just waited. And i only pressed once, spamming dosen’t solve this issue haha. :joy:

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First time I’ve heard of this but indeed not good at all, will try to remember to take a look at this tomorrow. Should be something very simple and most likely related to search paths…


For the record i only tired with a vanilla game, no mods active.

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