My Take on OSL

Hi All!

Here is my take on Oslo Airport! I really love this game, and try to recreate airports that are close to reality, within the confines of the game (i.e. I won’t do too many airports with many “diagonals” or curves). After getting the early access, I researched what I found to be aesthetically appealing terminals with linear designs, and I went gaga over OSL, and I have never even been! This has to be the 5th/6th iteration of my creating the airport in ACEO, as I started this project before multifloor (we do not need to re-imagine what that version of my OSL was like, haha).

Any feedback is very much welcome, just please keep in mind I have never been and am going off of airport maps, image searches, and general history/knowledge of the airport. I also took the liberty of having two parallel runways on each side of the airfield to make take-offs and landings occur quicker (since we cannot tax into position and hold… yet…).

In my current save, the C/D pier is not active, but could be; I just don’t have the staff yet, and decided to open its gates like the airport did (i.e. started out just the horizontal pier, then added the North Pier and added the pre-fix letters to gates, added/expanded security, etc). The B pier is just built, but not furnished; not sure if I will eventually open this as it seems like a lot of walking before the game gets travellators. I am also not using any of the remote gates (some in A, and then the E/F remote gates), but they too are technically ready to go. I obviously do not have the massive Duty Free area/shopping area, because I will admit, I am too lazy/impatient (plus not sure what more I could do with space).

Airfield, Level 0

Airfield, Level 1

West Check-In (Level 1)

East Check-In (Level 1)

Domestic Baggage Claim/All Baggage Screening (Level 0)

International Baggage Claim (Level 0)

A-Pier, Level 0

A-Pier, Level 1

A-Pier (West Close-Up), Level 0

A-Pier (West Close-Up), Level 1

B-Pier, Level 0

B-Pier, Level 1

C/D-Pier, Level 0

C/D-Pier, Level 1

E/F-Pier, Level 0

E/F-Pier, Level 1

Remote E Gates, Level 0

Remote E Gates, Level 1

Remote F Gates (Level 0)

Underground Baggage System (sorry it’s dark)

Thanks for taking a look!


Wow! An epic build for sure. And very nice screens too. How does it run for you?

It runs pretty well for my machine (Surface Book 2, with the dedicated Nvidia card). My processor holds me back on it.

Usually have my passenger settings around 60%. I have A, E & F open and see anywhere from 3,000-4,500+ passengers at a time. Usually starts out anywhere around 11-18 FPS, and by the time I quit, it’s because it has dropped to around 5-8. I’m definitely anxious to see it on a machine with a hefty processor.