My roads have problem!

why are all my roads stuck? i have tried the debug (uncopy all road note) its gets fre and then it get stuck again… someone know?

look at my pic you understand what i mean.

Too many pinch points and not enough alternative routes I’d suggest from a quick look.

That far side, I’d have run a road down there too.To the right of the Tiger and CRJ.

Can you show the left side as well please?

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You have to have more than one spot for vehicles to go cross through the terminal. Put one at the top of that connector point. It gives the busses the choice to turn left or right.

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what do you mean?

At this time, there’s only one road through the up/down terminal you have there. I would have one at the top and one at the bottom myself. I’m not sure how the bus stops and remotes stands are slowing things though. I don’t use remote stands. They’re sort of an oddity here in the US. They’d rather have us walk… on people movers. (which I’d still love to see in game.)

why do you use triple square roads? use only two squares and branch out only at the connection for the stands…
Also i would build another vehicle depo [not near the existing one] and assign the vehicles to each depo based on specialization, i.e. people and baggage to one and fueling and service to the other, so that vehicle path-ing has less chance of overlapping. but that may be too late for you now :slight_smile:

I’d like to see what to the left of the left red rectangle.

okay i will try

i have to try, im not sure right now where to put it


That’s where I would put the pedestrian walkways with service roads.

thanks i try it is much better now than Before after i build 2 more basic veichle depo

So much growth yet to come… I’ve got like 15 save files that were all the various iterations of failure… as I learned more, I did more, etc. Current map I use is on like Year 12 Day 10 or something…

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