My Progression to a Large Volume Airport

Here is my layout. I have restarted many times as I worked out how to improve my design. I have tried to make it good for a large volume of passengers and a good flow of aircraft. My GA on the left has its own arrival and departure runways which I have laid out so that the departures are moving away from the arrivals. This allows for a large turnover of aircraft especially in the morning when lots of planes are leaving. I also have a departure runway for Commercial flights at the top, which again takes the planes away from the arrivals which is on the right side.

My terminal has been designed to make everything move as quickly as possible from security to having lots of seats by the gates. I do find most of the passengers sit in these waiting for boarding so the delays are minimal. I have also made a baggage bay for each row of stands and again this has made things faster. I still have lots of work to do from the last row of stands at the top, including building the baggage bay for this and I also want to upgrade the GA stands to asphalt. My airport approval is 99% at the moment so I must be doing something right :grin::sunglasses:

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Nice layout but your taxiways lines are not very realistic. You’ll end up with aircraft clipping each other as they pass so close together.


I just found it helped to stop the aircraft getting stuck. It was just an experiment at first but I discovered they seem to find a way around each other this way even if it is not realistic.


Ohh my god these taxiways… I am out :persevere::gun:


They won’t stay that way. Once I am happy planes are no longer getting stuck I will change them. It was a temporary solution to a temporary problem.

Ohh okay then you are waiting @Fredrik 's developments on aircraft path finding algorith like all of us :wink:

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Precisely :grinning:

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I was thinking the same thing about the taxiways haha, be good once they have figured out the pathways