My Passengers Stuck

My Passengers Get Through Security And Boarding Pass but they don’t go onto the plane they are stuck at the crossing?

Can you post a picture with zones enabled? It might be that the crossing isn’t zoned as secure

[Uploading: Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.28.59.png...]()

can u see it?

Nope, just text saying “[Uploading: Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.28.59.png…]”


plz help me

Looking at the image, the door on the right hand side between the terminal and the footpath is not zooned as secure, so the passengers cannot pass through the door; you’ll need to zone this as secure. Annoying, when you place a door on a section of wall, it will not be zoned secure automatically as walls tiles cannot be zoned, so the tile underneath will not be zoned when the wall tile is removed.

Once a departing passenger has passed through a security checkpoint, they can only walk on tiles that have been zoned as secure (red). Equally, until arriving passengers pass through a secure exit, they can only walk on tiles that have been zoned as secure. With this in mind, your passengers cannot use the seats next to the gate counters, or the shops, as they are not within a secure zone.

omg im so stupid xD


Don’t worry, everyone will have made that mistake at least once - there’s a lot to learn when you start out

If you zone the seats your pax will be able to sit down while waiting for their flights.

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