My ideas for the Game

The game although great does lack realism in some areas some of improvement where options should be able to be assigned but can’t. Or maybe new things could be having more then one bus pick up passengers and drop them off and stops and perhaps having more then 1 stop 1 for drop off and one for picking up passengers this would allow for easier controlling of passengers as then 1 terminal can be made for arrivals and 1 for departures. Some of the potential ideas for the game could be the following;

  • Cargo Planes
    Now although this feature is unlikely to be implemented anytime soon it’s just a potential idea. The reason why it probably won’t be implemented soon is because they would need a few more service cars such as loading devises

  • Service vehicles being able to drop off cargo to more then one stand
    `This would help improve the issue for current small stands as a few of them have not more then 5 or 6 bags being taken to them through the conveyor belt system so in the future it would be nice to see service cars dropping off dollies and picking them up later after the bags have been loaded and the bags on the aircraft swapped on to the dolly that the arriving bags were brought on. Another way to do this would be by having the ground staff i.e. ramp agents load departing bags onto containers which could be transferred to dollies which would then be taken by arriving service vehicles (which would have dropped of their arriving baggage containers as to swap them)

  • Emergencies
    Later on devs could potentially start throwing in events such as an aircrafts engine catches fire or it’s APU isn’t starting or other events that could potentially happen. They could possibly start with smaller events such as wheels stuck or an aircraft needs to land due to lack of fuel and later move on to bigger things such as crash landings or two planes get on the same runway causing confusion. However implanting this earlier shouldn’t be high on anyone agenda as users could think that it’s a bug.

  • Underground
    Seeing that we are talking about multi level terminals it would make sense to have under ground as well. However it wouldn’t be used by passengers but mostly for vehicles the only plausible place for passengers to go underground would be after they’ve gone through the boarding desk and are waiting for a bus to come pick them up (seating area under ground as well as pick up by airside bus from there.) If this was implemented it would make it easier for vehicles to get around as they would be able to go under areas instead of all around.

  • Boarding times and gates
    This should allow passengers to get on the plane not just before it leaves but maybe 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes before (allowing boarding to close 20 minutes before departure hopefully) The next part is having seating area post boarding which I’ll break down into two different things.
    Attached stands don’t need to have this however could be used if needed (shouldn’t be as there is no point)
    Remote stands however do need this due to the fact that all passengers can’t always fit on the bus that comes so every time bus arrives to take passengers, passengers would get up and go the bus those that can fit on it the rest wait till the bus either comes back or another one arrives.

  • Passenger and staff methods of transportation around the terminals
    Unlikely that we see this any time soon however maybe sometime in the future this could be implemented. We could have local transportation around each terminal with club cars or from terminal to terminal by train

  • Roads Overhaul
    Currently the way roads are causes issues as not once have I personally had to ever place a 1 tile road in my opinion maybe there could be different styled roads and sizes for example :

    Except the cars one the right go one way and on the left the other this is just one example there could be other variations. Or what could be done is control which way cars are going on each lane and allow users to decide their design.

The listed above are my ideas I’m open to discussion and explain why I think they should be implemented sometime in the games timeline.

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You can use this topic for general game ideas :slight_smile:

Yeah I do post some of my idea’s on there as well but this just 1 bigger more detailed post about all of them I’m still adding more as I get time because I have a few just haven’t written them down yet.

That is my final list (for now :sweat_smile:) of what could potentially be added sometime of airport CEO. I’m open to constructive criticism

This is something that has been talked about a lot but my idea is the following
Allocating Staff to a zoned area of the airport
I feel like the system used in prison architecture to assign guards would be a good template to build on. I like if there was another viewing option (such as where we are able to see the zones) in which we can assign X number of workers in a certain area in the view you would also theoretically be able to see how many workers which could be doing some of the following:

  • free
  • working
  • in transit
  • (Possibly later on in the game exhausted)

Late on in the game this feature could possibly (if implemented) could become more complicated such as assigning workers specific tasks in a specific area for instance Bob Marley airport staff could be assigned to only operate 1 information desk for his shift.

good post. one thing that feel strange in the game is fact of the security do not see documentation for international flights as seen passport, it is also not come a personal receive passengers at the airport example family, friends.

People are talking about having security see documentation I read it somewhere else as for people seeing passengers off I think that kind of happens when there is a car drops them off but it could be an idea

Ideas for transportation drop off/Pick up;

  • We could have something to do with taxi’s where taxi’s come and pick up or drop off passengers the picture bellow represents a real life example of this

  • Parking
    We could be able to have passengers either park their car go drop off a loved one and come back to their cars (Player 560)

I think that, in the future, when performance has improved and in this way larger maps can be made. With all very large terminals, it would be interesting that the game, automatically, detect and mark the terminals that exist. So it could be assigned (subway or bus stops, vehicles, flights, boarding passes …) much simpler (since something could be assigned to an entire terminal and have virtually the entire terminal connected to each other ) and new allocations like that of employees.
You can also see details of a terminal in particular to facilitate the management and see if you have to optimize a specific terminal.

It’s been quite sometime since I last posted what I believe could be added. So here we go again;

  1. Hangers large airports tend to have a few hangers just in case an aircraft needs to be parked somewhere while they are being repaired or if there is an issue with them. The idea above is unlikely to be implemented as the game for the time being does not have scenarios such as lets say a tire stuck or bird strikes as mentioned in a previous post.

  2. Lounges which can be rented to airlines as food rooms and shops are currently

  3. Campaign mode
    A separate game mode which follows a story line.

                   Open to criticism on my ideas as usual

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