My first 0.22 airport growing

Im not trying to copy a real airport, just made a rough plan on a piece of paper and start building.
Im making good money now. Short history of my 10 days old airport:

I start with a GA strip and stands in lower left corner. This payed for some of my construction workers when building the big terminal and new strip for commercial AC. (reduced negative cash flow). My main plan is a H terminal with strips on both side and on top.

My “problem” now is that I need to work fast at night to expand so the service road will be open when first flight arrives. Im also planning to implement a scanning area that include all scanning types before the bags ends up at the bay. I know some of you have asked why the service road is connected to the ramp, it would be so much easier to plop it on top of existing road.


I’d love to be one of those GA pilots! Sitting so close to the runway and watching the planes land :joy: