My employee can't change their terminal [solved]

Before I opened this thread, I searched here for people having the same problem, but the solutions only worked for a short time.

I already put two staff rooms with their own security checkpoints, plus I have six other general checkpoints, but my staff is still trying to enter in the secure zone by the secure zone exit or at my subway exit. It’s some problem with my multi terminal layout, because they always get stucked while trying to reach a staff room or a bathroom from one terminal when they’re on the other.

Zoning the exit while they’re stuck their and them dezoning worked for while, but now they’re getting stuck at the subway.

I checked all may zones, they’re ok. I have a crosswalk. But my staff get stuck. What’s wrong? Any solution?

Do you have a way for them to get between the terminals that’s not in a secure zone?

Oh, man. It was it… Don’t make very much sense, because my two terminals are linked via a staff only secure zone, but ok.

Many thanks, VOID.

Ya the pathfinding can be very picky sometimes lol, but np, happy to help

Forget what I said, the problem started again… Thay are now stuck inside one of my staff rooms inside of a secure zone…

Hmm, are there accessible exits in the secure zone that don’t pass through any international zones?

I don’t have any international zones, but I made some holes in my walls and the problem desapeared (a problem that could be soluted with my staff using my stairs all the time, not just sometimes)

Anyway, many thanks again! Pathfinding is a little bit frutrating haha

Np! Pathfinding can be vary annoying at times ya-

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