My airport... no real lag on speed 1

I have a pretty good sized airport. So far, on speed 1, I don’t have that much lag.

The only thing I can complain about is that luggage seems to take to long getting to the baggage area.

I know there are some design flaws, but they will be corrected next go around.

How many passengers do you get to have there without lags?

My real problem with performance is only the entities, passengers, workers, construction boxes…

I have had well over 250 - getting read to add small stand for GA in a few. I will post another soon.

I like your setup, my lagg sets in with 1500+ PAX and 3000+ PAX gets unplayable laggy.

Nice airport
Are the taxiways only 1 tile wide?

Yes. I dont see ANY difference with double wide taxi ways. Nothing changes when I do that.

New shots…