My Airport CCA




Nice job! I really like the satellite terminal! :grinning:

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ya i like it! nice idea with rounding out the outer terminal

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I have taken inspiration from others and combined them into one. However my computer is really struggling with the amount of passengers. I am also having issues with passenger flow. I will submit further photos of what I mean at a later date.

I like the layout, maybe except the rounded shapes. :innocent: I suppose the terminals are connected by an underground tunnel? I think it’s better to let the passengers walk through a long tunnel than to use remote stands with shuttle busses. All my experience with remote stands are massive delays.

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oh my jesus why does nobody paint the floors


Lol annoys me so much but I love the creative idea for the rounding

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Its a work in progress. Just wanted to show off the airport. Any ideas on how I can improve will always help.

Nice Airport, it’s a nice touch to round the walls


Cool design. Your inspiration was surely my airport from my yt series. :grin:

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What series? I want to watch it

It certainly was. Pure inspiration mate. Made a few adjustments needs some tidying though.

This is part one of three. :slight_smile:
Airport CEO: NEW Update Big Planes Timelapse Part 1 - YouTube

I was wondering why they looked so similar. I watched this video months ago and I still can’t stop! Well, all three of them. You are a great youtuber! Keep it up!

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