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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to design an airport that is close to my local, but the issue I’m having is even using multiple terminals I have passengers that are trying to use buses and carparks that are attached to another terminal, which is killing my airports.

Am I missing something?

In the image, I’ve circled where I’m trying to build three terminals but they don’t share parking areas.



Have you zoned the parking structures and bus stops to the terminals? You can zone those structures to match your terminals

I’ve zoned bus stands to terminals but still find that PAX use the bus stand for the wrong terminal on occasion. This is something that occurs also airside, when the fuel tankers and baggage trucks which I have assigned to parking structures associated with terminals suddenly disappear to another terminal, even if that other terminal has assets lying idle, causing issues with the terminal they should be at…

Probably something that will be tidied up in Beta phase.

Yeah I had done that.

Going to try to make sure I have a taxi, carpark, and car spot on each and see if that helps, ruins my airport if I can’t do it :frowning:
I had another issue tonight where all my asphalt runway exits went missing, not sure my 757 will like turning onto grass…

That should be fixed in 5-2.

As for the terminal issue, if you make sure to extend your terminal area over the transit structures such as bus stops and taxi stops and other, passengers departing via that terminal will only deboard on those transit structures. If they’re not covered they will simply deboard randomly which sound to be the case in your situation.

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Good stuff, thanks Olof for the quick response, Enjoying the game and fully understand that there are going to be bugs, so appreciate your honesty on the runway exits.

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