Multiple Terminal Drop Off Strategy

Hey y’all! Long time lurker, relatively new poster.

I just wanted to pick your brains on something. What are some of things you guys have done for roadside drop off for multiple terminals? Its my understanding that the way it works now, the game isn’t quite smart enough yet to know what bus stop is going to what terminal so the smart play is to have one main transit depot.

Basically Im trying to do a smaller regional terminal with small stands and a separate larger terminal with medium stands and am looking for tips and examples of what some solid passenger drop off methods look like. Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, the game dosen’t allow several individual terminals atm. I have one drop off - check-in and security for my big 3-Terminal airport. Then i have connected all three terminal to that building. If you’re looking for inspiration i would head over to Airport Designs.


well there some workarounds exist - you can find in airport designs

Any possibility to connect bus-/metro-stations to a stand/terminal would be great - but doesn’t exist, for now, unfortunately.

As some of our best CEOs have confirmed, there are ways to force designs upon the game, but it’s not very reliable, solid or easy to do. At this point we do not allows multi-terminal, although this is embedded into the changes that came with multi-floor we’ve yet to activate them as we want to make sure everything is ironed out with multi-floor first.


Hey everybody!

I built a few layouts of airpots, always trying to seperate the Terminal buildings. Talking abot the separated secure zones and using the right security checkpiont this works put pretty well. Good Job so far!

In contrast to this functioning pathfinding, I do not understand why the passangers do not arrive (by bus, car …) at the right bulding. Becuase of that, I always have to build very long and strange pathways for both the PAX and the staff to allow to get to the right terminal.
In terms of the pax I tought it might not bee too much work to not only assign the security checkpoints, but also the parking strucktures etc. to the aircraft stands.
In terms of the employees that issue might be more complex, but whats about service cars transfering those between the different buldings? Or what ever you have in mind. But in my Opninion an option like this is necessary to realize multiple terminasl realisticlly and way more efficient.

Thanks for your work and peaceful christmas! Cant wait to see more


(Addition: I´m not a native speeker, i apologize for every mistake in langugae. I hope it is undersatandable nerver the less)


Your English is very good Leon. And welcome to the forum.


yeah, I have been waiting to be able to open additional functioning terminals rather than having to link all my airport terminals to a main w/check-in desks. Another important component right now to this is I’m not sure the coding of the check-in desks even allows for them to service in priority those stands located closest to them. That being the case your passengers might be in for some looooooonnnngggg walks.

Hi MedJet,

I know what you mean. I solved this problem by applying the check in desks to specific baggage bays and those baggage bays to specific stands. That means in case you are using the baggage system there is a possibilty (even though it´s a very colpicated one) to coordinate which flight uses which check-In-Desk… But that won´t solve the issue, that the passangers still drop of at the wrong place. And then you´re right: they are walking and walking and walking…

I do hope they add this feature of check-in desk-to-stand assignment.

Which is in my opinion wrong. Why not assigning check in desks to airlines like often in real airports. :slight_smile:

That’s why it just maybe needs to implemented! :wink: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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