Multiple cargo bay operation

Hi there,

I updated to the latest version (v.21.7) and opened the new game, there’s an issue or maybe it’s a bug.

I have built two cargo bays with proper stand/counter/baggage claim assignments and also staffed with all ramp agents.(4 for each of them) You can check in this screenshot

If you have built two cargo bays, you will have to disable one of them to make sure the conveyor system works normally

In this screenshot, everything works normally at the beginning, you can see the baggages were split into two ways and were routing to the destination.
However, the outbound departure baggages will be clogged on one of the two bays (as marked in blue)
I think it’s a bug because we can’t modify the conveyor belts on the bay, and all baggages are stuck on the bay.

I want to know if there’s a way to make two cargo bays work together, is it not implemented yet, or it’s a bug, or I did anything wrong, please explain it to me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Multiple bays are absolutely implemented, so you should be able to get it to work. Usually if they’re getting stuck at the start of the bay, it means the wrong bag has made it to the wrong bay.

Can you please check the following?

  1. Tilt tray should be set to ‘To Destination’.
  2. Make sure the bays are properly connected to the proper stands and check in desks and that there are no conflicts there.

Hi daniel,

I have set the tilt tray to “Forward&Left”, so the belt goes two split directions, you can see there are bags routing to the second bay at the bottom.

This is the connection for two bays.

Is there anything wrong with my setup?
Thank you for the suggestions:slight_smile:


Ok yup I think I know why your bags are getting stuck now.

Selecting ‘Forward and Left’ basically means that it will alternate the diversions of bags between those two directions irrespective of where the bag actually needs to go. So the reason your bags are getting stuck is because the tilt tray is working as you’ve told it to and just diverting every second back to the left, even if that bag needs to go forward.

Set your tilt tray to ‘To Destination’ and everything should work :slight_smile:

It works! Thank you very much!

Last two question, I found some orphan bags are left in the bay and on the ground, how can I get rid of them?

Have you seen any airline doesn’t have requests to load the baggage? Is this normal or I have encountered in some problems.


Those orphan bags just haven’t made their intended flight. I don’t know if there’s a way to get rid of them because you can only mark inbound bags for removal. They should despawn over time though :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right. Thanks!

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