Multiple baggage claim areas per baggage bay

I’m trying to build a setup where there are multiple baggage claim belts per baggage bay, and I’ve zoned them into individual baggage claim areas. So right now, I’ve got 4 baggage belts/areas connected to one baggage bay, which serves a few stands. I’m finding that while all 4 belts work (they’ve all been used at some point or the other), for some reason, the game keeps sending most of the flights to a single belt. Can’t quite find a pattern, and I don’t know what to change so the other belts are used more often (rather than one belt being used for 3 flights at the same time, while the others are free). Any ideas?

Could you perhaps include a few screenshots? It’s difficult to comprehend your layout without some visual aid!

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I can confirm that. The way which baggage claim is chosen is very random @Olof . If you have for example 5 incoming flights on a the same baggage bay with 2 assigned baggage claims (separated zones), it is possible that all 5 flights will be routed to the same bagge claim. It could be claim 1 or claim 2. Sometimes it splits it up a bit. There is no actual logic behind which claim is going to be used or preferred.

Sorry–here are a few:

This one shows how my stands are all connected to the same baggage bay (4 stands):

This baggage bay is then connected to 4 individual baggage belts/baggage claim zones, with bags directed by tilt trays. I can confirm that all 4 work, and have served flights at some point along the way, so they’re definitely properly connected:

Unfortunately, most of the time, it decides to only use the left-most belt, for multiple flights at the same time, while the others are not in use. Of course, there are also times when it divides the flights up logically (and sometimes it seems very smart, and uses the belt that ‘corresponds’ to the gate–e.g. left belt for left-most gate, right belt for right-most gate, etc.)! This picture shows how all three flights in picture 1 have been assigned to the same belt:

The screenshot was taken just as the flights parked, so it’s not too bad yet. But when hundreds of passengers all arrive at the same baggage claim…

So if anyone has any tips on how I can correct this, would be great! Thanks.

On another note, same airport, I’m also noticing that my passengers default to finding seats that are closest to their target, but only by horizontal distance without consideration of floors. So for example, while waiting for their check in desk to open (on the ground floor), they would prefer to sit in the seats on the 1st floor, which happen to be located immediately above the check in desk, rather than the myriad of available seats available on the ground floor. Minor problem, but just visually annoying. Again, any tips?


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